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Risa Peets - Author of Juvenile Diabetes bookHi!!! Welcome to the website! I am so excited that you have you visited. My name is Risa and I am a first time children’s author of the book “It’s OK To Be Different.” Just a little bit of history about why these books are so special. These books are written for children with Type 1 Diabetes, and are designed to be used as tools, to help them navigate through the challenging world of childhood diabetes. Although diabetes is a challenging illness, my hope is that through these books, children will have a better understanding and appreciation for our unique differences.

I am looking forward to children who read these books to share their stories on how they are becoming difference-makers in their schools and community. I know you must be saying she keeps saying “these” books???, but there is only one book available. Well…Guess What? It’s Ok To Be Different, is a series of books. Yes, this book is the first of more to come. I will keep you updated as each book, workbook and games arrive.

Ok, just a little bit about me, I have been a registered nurse for over 11years, (hence Nurse Risa!) my awareness with diabetes began as a young girl with my grandmother who suffered with diabetes, from then on my heart and passion has been to educate better diabetes management. (Please check out the meet Risa page for more about me).

So please take a look around the website, at all the exciting things, this website has been designed to provide additional resources for children and parents so that they will have a place where they can go and find information regarding juvenile diabetes.

If you have an opportunity to share your story, please do. I would love to hear from children everywhere on how this book may have helped them and how the are becoming difference makers. Visit our kids’ corner there are lots of activities children can download and just have some fun learning. You can also buy the book here as well. There are also some helpful links on our resource page for parents.

Look forward to talking with you again!


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