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Meet Nurse Risa

Risa Peets - Author of Juvenile Diabetes bookHi, I’m Risa Peets, registered nurse, care giver and a much needed voice for children with diabetes. Diabetes education holds a special place in my heart ever since childhood. As a little girl I watched my grandmother struggle to navigate through this disease; I never understood why her wounds would not heal and why she couldn’t eat certain things.

As a health care professional, I now understand the answer to some to those questions.

When I look at the prevalence of obesity in this nation and its contribution to the diabetes epidemic, the problem has not only increased among adults, but the prevalence has grown among young children.

My goal is to develop a tool for children, something fun and inspiring, that children can use to help them to not only understand diabetes, but develop better ways to manage it. I believe that if children are educated on how to manage their diabetes effectively, and they learn how to accept their difference, these same children will grow into adults who better manage and understand their diabetes.

If you are a child dealing with diabetes in your youth, welcome to our site. Take a look around, download resources and let the adults in your life know about the book, It’s Okay to Be Different. A book written for people just like you who wish us grown ups could understand just how you feel.

For parents, fellow nurses, doctors, family members and friends of children with diabetes, we invite you to get familiar with our site as well. Feel free to bookmark and share this information, and let us know what else you would like to see in our resource section or blog, as we are here to help make it a little easier to care for youth who are dealing with being different because of diabetes.

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More About Nurse Risa

Risa Peets, RN, MSN, has been a registered nurse for over ten years and has a passion for health education to improve lives. Her vast experience in diabetes education ranges from hospital bedside teaching to diabetic teaching in acute outpatient settings.

As a new children’s author, her hope is that through her writing, children with diabetes discover that being different is really okay. With a growing number of children in this nation developing diabetes, she hopes this book will allow those children to discover their real champion within!

Risa currently resides in North Carolina and enjoys reading, cycling, traveling and trying new cuisines.