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It’s Okay To Be Different: A Story About Type 1 Diabetes

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Through his story of living with diabetes as a child, you will meet Meet Lance, a young boy who is learning and teaching his friends how to embrace each others’ differences. Join Lance as he shares the reality of trying to fit in when it seems you’re the only one different. What is it about being different that has Lance feeling so weird? Well for starters, Lance can’t always eat what his friends get to each for lunch, and to add to make it even more different, Lance has to see the nurse before lunch and sometimes after gym class. His friends know Lance is different, but they don’t really understand why until Lance and Nurse Anya team up to for a little show and tell.

This book was written for children with diabetes and tells the story from their perspective. Get a copy for the special child or children in your life who could use a little reassurance that it really is Okay To Be Different even though they have special needs. They will be glad you did!


Reviews & Testimonials For It’s Okay To Be Different

“As a diabetic myself, I think that this book hit the nail on the head and would be perfect to help children feel a little more accepted ….This book is awesome!!! It really brought back some old and everyday feelings for me.” – Jennifer Humphreys, RN, CRNA

“This book is a must read for any child with diabetes….. children are not only educated, but are placed in a mindset of success to overcome their fear of diabetes.” -Mrs. Tangii Crews, Middle School Teacher

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Hi. Thank you for taking time to visit our website and learn more about the It’s Okay to Be Different book.

This story is about a little boy named Lance and his courage to navigate through the world of diabetes. He was created to represent children everywhere that not only struggle with managing their diabetes, but they also struggle with being different among their peers. Lance is the voice that children and parents can identify with. He not only gives children an opportunity to see themselves, but also the ability to be able to see new hope, and courage as they manage this chronic illness everyday.

My hope is that this book encourages children to become the driving force for change in diabetes management, and its effects on them socially.

Managing Type 1 Diabetes is no easy feat. However children who read these books must understand that although they may live with chronic condition, they themselves are not the condition. I want to help them better accept that becoming a difference maker is more important than any illness that may make them feel different.

Lance is a story of hope, courage, strength, resilience, perseverance, everything a child was born to have!!

Purchase a copy of It’s Okay To Be Different for the special child in your life who is living with diabetes and come back to the site often, as we’ll be updating it with activities, helpful information and valuable resources.

Thank you for purchasing the book. A portion of the proceeds will be used to support both the Children’s Diabetes Foundation and the American Diabetes Association.

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