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Spring Gems for Allergy Season!!

As the winter blast continues to become a distant memory, Spring is finally in the air. As the flowers blossom and the tree’s bloom, spring time becomes one of the best seasons to enjoy some of those outdoor activities. But with all the beauty of spring, it can still be a difficult season for allergy sufferers. Itchy eyes, a runny nose, and sneezing, can
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Happy National Nutrition Month!!

Spring is here!! and we are excited that the winter blast is just about over (I hope!!). This month is National Nutrition Month; this is the month when healthy food choices and portion control, are being highlighted. It can sometimes be a challenge to eat healthy, but taking it one choice at a time can  make it a little easier. Below are a couple
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Winter Pearls!!!( For Diabetes Management and Colds!)

Although we are at the beginning of March, we are still in the middle of cold and flu season! Coughs, runny noses, fevers are all signs and symptoms of a cold, that can make managing your diabetes more difficult. As a type 1 diabetic having a cold can be stressful, and can develop into a more serious illness. Here are a few pearls that
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Winter Pearls!!!(Managing Diabetes During the Winter)

We have started the New Year! and I hope you are off to a good start so far! It’s already February, and it’s that time of the year where it can be blistering cold and snowy. During the winter season, diabetes management can be a bit of a challenge. Insulin protection, exercise, eating right, or just the impact of stress, are just a few
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